Play Video about Charlie Close up with Bee in forefront and Mountain Craft Film Fest Laurel with Play DocuPod


Pushing the boundaries of how we share our stories for the 21st century

Humm Productions and Mountain Craft Productions are revolutionizing conversational storytelling with our DocuPods™ — blending short, immersive filmmaking with the informative and entertaining audio of podcasting. Through its unique combination of artistry and realism, this format captivates audiences. DocuPod production pushes the boundaries of how we experience stories—honoring resolve, encouraging connection, and sparking new understandings. 

So, the question isn’t just how do we tell a story better, but more so, “How does your story go?”

DocuPods™. Experience the story. [Inquire for production options and pricing]

DocuPod is a unique intellectual property of Humm Productions NFP and our filmmaking partners, Mtn Craft Productions.

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