Welcome to Eden

Travel with us deep into the heart of Texas. You’ll meet a woman whose green eyes twinkle with secrets and if you ask Craig Pfluger about the magic, he’ll say “It’s the music”.  For a small town in its heart, music struck a chord.  It’s called Eden and our story starts here.



You can find the Green Apple Arts Center at www.greenapplemusic.com


To find Michael, The Texas Standard and KUT and see their work, you can find them at www.texasstandard.org and www.kut.org.  The article can be found  here


To find more information about The Accidentals, check out their music and see their tour page, you can find them at www.theaccidentalsmusic.com


To find Slaid Cleaves, hear his newest album and find out where he’ll be on tour, his website is www.slaidcleaves.com


To find Calina Mishay Johnson, see her murals portfolio and contact her – she can be found at www.streetartbycal.com


To learn more about natural fibers and ranching – the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association is a wealth of incredible information!  


Texas Tech Red Raiders 


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