Never Give-r Up

Have you ever wondered…. How a brand is born?  It is an idea?  Is it a philosophy?  Or could it be both?

7 years ago, Bubba Albrecht started a brand in his garage with 2 close friends where he lives in Jackson Hole, WY.  The company is a direct reflection of his love for the outdoors – a way for Bubba to share a local colloquialism, the beauty, history and adventure of Northern Ontario and with his close pals.  Being in this place will consume you leaving an indelible mark in your memory that will never fade.  It’s all about encouraging people to give life their all – to do what they love most.  Bubba and his friend, David “Cups” Duchen are eager to share it with you. It’s called Give’r and our story starts here.

HummbleBragg is created and produced in cooperation with Humm Productions

Special thanks to Bubba and David for being our guests.  You can find Give’r at

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