For one woman in Teton County, Wyoming, education exposed her to concepts and truths about nutrition’s roll in the health of our communities. A most unconventional date with a guy named Alex piqued her interest – refocusing her life’s work path to non-profit food rescue.  It’s called Dumpster and our story starts here. 

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We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to our guest Ali Dunford.  We have links to Hole Food Rescue, how to start your own food rescue as well as tips for safe and successful dumpster diving in our website show notes. Links:

Ali Milburn, Founder and Executive Director Hole Food Rescue

Full Cord Bluegrass Band

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Start your own food rescue resource

Understanding Expiration Dates | Hole Food Rescue

Information about the Food Recovery Hierarchy

Haderlie Farms

Persephone Bakery 

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