EJ Precisely

Eric Wallner, is a visionary who is powered by the sun, art, invention and thermal winds – self-taught and with quiet focus, he looks for them.  To live.  To imagine.  To fly.  He and his partner, Michelle, built this little house on the hill with social and environmental responsibility at the top of their list.  Along with Tony Wood and Claudia Looze who are that most important and perfectly imperfect friendship complement to Eric’s precisely, Dodgeville Wisconsin is home.

You can reach Eric about his furniture at ejwallner.59@gmail.com

Special thanks to the band Swimmer for providing their song “Would Be” for this episode.  Their music is available on all major streaming platforms.  www.swimmermusic.com





Tony Wood and Claudia Looze can be found at www.smokingmonkey.net

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