Does Anyone Need?

The weight of one man’s gratitude triggered a movement in Pittsburgh that can’t be missed.  Sometimes it’s manifested in a small home repair.  Sometimes it’s a sizable cash loan.  And at least once it was the gift of life.   Each deed is based on intuition and integrity.   And as long as it’s legal and it won’t harm anyone else, he and his volunteers will carry on that Mister Rogers ethos of being present for other people one deed, one neighborhood at a time.  The mission is to bring friends from different situations together sparking the act of people helping people – without pretense or fear.

Anne Frank wrote a beautiful essay she titled “Give” on March 26, 1944.  You can find it in the book ‘Anne Frank’s Tales From the Secret Annex’.

“Give and you shall receive, much more than you would have ever thought possible. Give, give again and again, don’t lose courage, keep it up and go on giving! No one has ever become poor from giving! If you do this, then in a few generations no one will need to pity the beggar children anymore, because they will not exist!”

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