Music in the Mitten

There’s a special bond among Michiganers, particularly in the music community.  And there is one woman, Elle Lively -Pelegrom, in this unique fraternity who is playing a significant role in supporting out-of-work artists.  Her work manifests as a love for her fellow musicians in good times AND in bad.  Musician Jake Allen joins in on our conversation to talk about being part of a gig economy during our nations ‘shelter in place’ mandates.  It’s called Music in the Mitten, and our story starts here.

This show is part one of a three-part series focusing on individuals and their communities helping each other during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jakes’ songs in the show:

‘Troubadourial’ and ‘If You Fall Apart’ off of his album, Deviant Motions (

Open Space off of his album, Etherica (

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