Sound of Silence

Imagine, or maybe you don’t have to, caring for a dependent with a sensory processing disorder.  In the United States alone 1 in 20 people – children, teens and adults, experience some degree of difficulty filtering information from one or more of their heightened seven senses.  An overload of stimuli to their sight, hearing, sense of touch, taste and smell, balance and body awareness, become stressful, painful or even terrifying – sometimes resulting in overtly panicked responses. It’s confusing and exhausting.  So, what happens when a Pittsburgh airport heavy equipment operator reluctantly drops a letter in his workplace suggestion box, and the CEO responds in a big way?  How does a simple ask create a special bond between him and an otherwise unfamiliar co-worker?   And how does their work create a lasting impression on a Denver mom whose visit to the Steel City was not only bearable, but a beacon?

The non-profit for this show is the Autism Speaks for their work in autism spectrum disorders research and outreach. Donate here.


To learn more about Presley’s Place and make arrangements to visit it:

Miami, Florida:

Birmingham, Alabama:,PTSD%20and%20other%20similar%20conditions).

Atlanta, Georgia:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania:

Shannon, Ireland:

Gatwick, London UK:

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The Band – Sarena Rae

Song: Caught in Between

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  1. Colette Wetzel says:

    What a wonderful story- so impactful to a group of people who’s needs are so often overlooked. Bravo

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