For two Jewish women whose parents miraculously survived the Holocaust, storytelling as a means of remembering the tales of horror and heroism are part of their family legacies.  While their stories of loss and survival are different, they are bonded in their work as active voices of the Second Generation.  It’s called “Testimony,” and our story starts here. 

Featured Musican – Joshua Davis

Song: Oshe Shalom



 Hanna Kohner on ‘This is Your Life’, May 27, 1953″

To learn more about Julie Kohner’s Voices of the Generations and the book Hanna and Walter, a Love Story”

For a link to Dr. Rita Goldberg’s book ‘Motherland: Growing Up with the Holocaust’

Joshua Davis performing Oseh Shalom at Interlocken Center for the Arts, December 2019

Other Holocaust education resources:




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